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The Ultimate Bird Dispersal System

Ultima, a unique Table Computer controlled development from the well established vehicle based Scarecrow Premier 1500 bird dispersal system. Operation is simplified by the user selectable languages of English, French, German, Italian and Spanish; others can be specified to special order.

Scarecrow Compact

Integrated Bird Dispersal System designed for use in locations as diverse as fruit farms, crop fields, parks and other outdoor urban areas.

Specially for use on ships and yachts

With installation directly to the mast for best effect, this system aids in the safe, effective and humane dispersal of nuisance birds.

Clear, powerful communications

Director has a voice and signalling range of up to 300m.


Scarecrow's Goose Patrol contains four effective Canada Geese calls in addition to 5 common species.

The Next Generation

The Scarecrow Premier 2020 is the successor of the Premier 1500 which has been the back bone of Airfield Wildlife Management since 1985.

Scarecrow Marina

The main processor is rack-mountable. This can ensure the controls of the system remain in an accessible place. In hazardous installations the unit can be sited in a 'safe zone' connected to EX speakers.

Quick, simple and cost effective ...

One Shot is intended for use anywhere that birds present a hazard to health and safety. Such as shopping precincts, malls, urban areas, parks, outdoor cafes, restaurants, food processing plants or warehouses.

Portable and useful

Scarecrow Patrol Two represents an evolutionary development in bio-acoustic bird dispersal and control, designed for use anywhere that accurate and effective bird control is required.

Ease of Application

With the 1435 installed, the Premier 2020 suffers no compromise - it is a direct replication of the Premier 2020 front panel, including microphone input and power override.

The Ultimate Reporting System

The Ultima Reporting System 2700R was added to the Scarecrow range of products in early 2011 and has been designed to allow operators to complete airside forms electronically.

The World Leaders in the Safe & Humane Dispersal of Birds

Scarecrow Bio Acoustic Systems has been producing bird dispersal systems of the highest technical standard for airfields and surrounding areas since 1985. The broadcast of distress calls, as part of an Integrated Bird Management Scheme, has proved effective for bird dispersal, an essential part of flight safety.


Scarecrow bird dispersal products, representing state of the art technology to fully meet the challenging task of Bird Strike Avoidance, are approved and used by major civil airports and in military aviation throughout the world.

The days of bird scaring are now gone. Today's litigious society demands more comprehensive bird dispersal systems for all situations compared to traditional bird scarers. Scarecrow supply the most advanced and reliable bird control products

The Scarecrow product range is suitable for all types of bird problems. We have supplied fixed, automatic bird dispersal systems for marinas, landfill sites, waste transfer stations, off shore oil and gas platforms, offices, warehouses, sports stadia...the list is endless!

Whether you are having problems with Seagulls, Starlings, Crows, Magpies, Rooks, pest Pigeons or any other species, Scarecrow will know how to solve your bird problems.


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